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Oils of life

Intensely revitalising skin care

New life
for your skin

Nourish and bring back radiance to tired, lifeless-looking skin with our paraben-free and vegan-friendly Oils of Life collection. Each product, including our best-selling Oils of Life™ Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil, is enriched with three precious natural seed oils, including Rosehip seed oil, and seven essential oils to help infuse life back into your skin.

The power of
seed Oils

Seeds give life to a new plant, making seed oils one of the most concentrated sources of essential nutrients on Earth. Our Oils of Life collection features Black cumin oil from Egypt, Rosehip oil from Chile and Camellia oil from China. Rich in antioxidants, we cold-press these precious seed oils in their pure form so that we can preserve all their potent properties and ensure the utmost affinity to skin.

Did you know?

Our commitment is to protect the planet and by choosing Oils of Life skin care, you are helping us make a difference. We are planting 1 million seeds to give new life in deforested Cerro Gordo, Ecuador in association with World Land Trust.

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Discover the nourishing benefits of
oils of life

Fight the first signs of ageing and replenish your skin’s moisture by giving new life to your skin care routine. By introducing these premium top-rated products as a stand alone skin care solution or supplementing an existing regimen, your skin will feel fresh, radiant and smoothed.

Daytime routine
Night-time routine

Intensely revitalising
essence lotion

Intensely revitalising

Intensely revitalising
facial oil

Intensely revitalising
gel cream

Intensely revitalising
sleeping cream

Intensely revitalising
eye cream-gel

Try our
wind down

With Vanda Serrador, our
Facialist and Body Care Expert

“Massaging your face, neck and décolleté before bed helps release toxins, fatigue and the stress accumulated during the day. It’s important to perform this night routine so your skin can repair itself during its most relaxed state. This ritual helps to promote skin revitalisation and enhances your complexion’s radiance. Trust me, you’ll never look back!”

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