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    1. 6 months ago
      Worth the money!
      This shower gel lasts a really long time for me and smells amazing! The scent lasts all day and smells so good! It is a huge size that would suit anyone's needs
    2. 1 month ago
      This stuff lasts forever!
      This strawberry shower gel smells heavenly and a little goes a long way when you use a bath lily. A small amount less than what you would wash your hands with can lather your entire body in strawberry scented suds! Combine it with the strawberry body butter and you'll smell amazing all day :)
    1. 3 years ago
      very happy
      I bought the entire chocomania set for the first time and loved it, so I decided to try the Strawberry. and am very pleased that I did. Now I alternate between the chocolate and strawberry and will definitely be purchasing these items again.
    2. 5 years ago
      Just OK
      I bought this product in the largest size during their Boxing Day sale. I only bought it because I needed a 3rd product in the 3 for 30 sale.I was extremely new to the body shop at the time. I thought this product was just average as the scent doesnt last and i really saw no improvement in my skin. Im DYING to use this product out but at the same time im not compelled to use it because it does nothing for me. A disapointing buy to say the least.
    1. 1 month ago
      Relationship Saver!
      My partner has very sensitive dry skin and his scratching at night would keep me up and drive me mad! We tried some of the Shea butter because it smelled nice and claimed 48hour moisture. HE STOPPED SCRATCHING!! I can sleep now and we have recently purchased four jumbos he loves it so much! Thank you Body Shop!
    2. 1 year ago
      This body butter is the BOMB!!!
      I have been searching for a deep moisturizing product for a very long time. (i have very dry skin) And non would satisfy my skins thirst... On a fortunate day I ended up at the body shop just to discover this guy being all awesome. Totally worth the money and has serious moisturizing ability!!! Skins stays soft and hydrated for a very long time. And it smells AAAmazing! Trust me, I have tried a lot of products and this stands out!
    1. 5 years ago
      Very Moisturizing
      I recently purchased this lovely thing and can't get enough of it. It is very rich and moisturizes well, and the smell of roses is pure pleasure without the extreme sugary sweetness. It is subtle, feminine and sensual. I find myself sniffing my hands often, as I use it mostly on my hands and neck. Good stuff Body Shop! Make some more products of this line!
    2. 5 years ago
      Nice body butter but ....
      I purchased this body butter and loved the smell. The scent not overwhelming aand its soft and natural. But I also had the same problem like the one mentioned in the other comments that after like 3-4 months, it began to smell strange. And at one point, it didn't smell, as if the scent had vanished. So I just used it half-heartedly. But I would like to add that its body milk and eau de toilette are excellent.
    1. 5 years ago
      My One Can't Live Without!!!
      I think I've tried all the body butters out there and this one wins hand-down. This keeps my skin soft and smooth all year around and besides smelling very natural (you can wear any scent with it and it doesn't clash), it actually has a slightly sweet taste!! My pets all love to lick my toes after I use it. I always keep stocked up and I have found that my friends just love to get The Body Shop's body butters as presents. I buy them according to scent and to suit skin type. Thanks, Body Shop!
    2. 1 year ago
      Love this product!
      I live in the prairies, so my skin gets very dry, and using the brazil nut butter really remedies that. Also I love the smell, it seems decadent, but not overpowering. I have use this product for a long time; although I discovered a new use for it. I have very brittle nails, and ragged cuticles, so after I wash my hands, I use the body butter and really massage it into the nail bed, cuticles, and hands, it actually helps my nails grow, and keeps my cuticles and hands moisturized.
    1. 5 years ago
      A very nice scent
      This is my first soap from the Body shop and I love it, I have purchased others and I'm trying them out one by one. I will host a spa party soon and I'm buying this to give out as favors to my friends and families, that's how much I love it.
    2. 5 years ago
      I have really dry skin all year round pretty much, and nothing has seemed to help much. After doing some browsing on the Body Shop; I decided to order some products from the Shea line to combat my dry skin. This sop has made quite a difference in my dry skin. I love it!! I am definately going to repurchase in the future. The scent is nice and light too which I love.
    1. 10 months ago
      Glides and melts
      My first thought of this cream was a dessert-of course it doesn't smell like a dessert, but I thought it looks like frozen yogurt. I was on a serious hunt for a good body butter and I got this during an offer (buy 3 and get 50% off). I can see the sheen after applying this cream, but it definitely is not sticky. The label advises against using on face, but so far, it has been good for my face too (just a tiny measure). In Toronto, even the spring chill severely dries out my facial skin, so I ... read more need a heavy duty cream. This performs miraculously all over my body, including the face. The best part is it doesn't leave greasy shiny imprints like other drug store cremes for very dry skin.
    2. 7 months ago
      Love White Musk
      I am a sucker when it comes to WHITE MUSK products. I will gladly use any product related to this fragrance. It's been more then ten years I have been using this product and still love it
    1. 4 years ago
      A Must Try
      The citrus scent is lovely and not overpowering at all. It lathers well and leaves you feeling clean without drying out your skin. It works wonders as a handwash and does a fantastic job of cutting grease. You don't need to use a lot so the bottle will last you a long time. Slather on the body butter or lotion after your shower and you'll have soft skin without feeling greasy.
    2. 5 years ago
      Light Scent On Skin
      The smell from the bottle is a strong pink grapefruit smell but it does not smell this way on your body. It has a very light refreshing scent that does not smell like grapefruit. This gel can be very astringent leaving you squeaky clean. Might not be the best for dry skin. I only use this sparingly as I find it can dry my skin. This is a great cleaner after a workout that leaves you sweaty or after heavy yard work. The product lathers well.
    1. 6 years ago
      Love it
      I've got this for my hubby and he loves the smell. The smell is very light, fresh and energetic. This Hair & Body Wash is definitely worth buying.
    2. 6 years ago
      Love it
      I've got this for my hubby and he loves the smell. The smell is very light, fresh and energetic. This Hair & Body Wash is definitely worth buying.
    1. 2 years ago
      LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent!
      Satsuma has been one of my very fave scents for over 15 years. I love how bright and intense it smells. A little goes a long way. I think Satsuma is one of the most lasting scents. It does last all day and even longer! The body butter is smooth and goes into skin right away. I love the big huge tub. That keeps me going for a few months at a time. Great value for the price!
    2. 4 years ago
      Excellent Product
      I would recommend Satsuma Body Butter to anyone who enjoys soft, supple skin and a lovely scent of fresh citrus orange. I apply this body butter to freshly showered damp skin and it helps to restore softness especially after summer's sun exposure
    1. 5 years ago
      Great gift!
      I bought this as a Christmas Gift to my brother and he told me I better be ordering more for his birthday! He loves this product, it works very well and smells great!
    2. 5 years ago
      Great gift!
      I bought this as a Christmas Gift to my brother and he told me I better be ordering more for his birthday! He loves this product, it works very well and smells great!
    1. 5 years ago
      Soothong for sensitive skin
      Though I am tempted to get the yummy smelling body butters, I like this one best because it isn't thick, absorbs well and doesn't have a weird scent. I also like that it is paraben free and is rated a 2 out of 10 on the Skin Deep cosmetics database of ingredient risk (10 being the worst). And of course aloe is so good for your skin! http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/search.php?hq=Body+shop+aloe+&search_group=everything&&showmore=everything&start=0
    2. 3 years ago
      It's Body Shop Body Butter From Now On!
      I always used drugstore body lotions, then decided to try the body butter, due to its natural ingredients (all of which I can pronounce!). This butter is superb! It applies easily, and leaves my skin hydrated, and feeling like silk, even 18 hours later. This butter is lighter and "wetter" in consistency than the other two butters I bought (hemp and coconut), likely due to the aloe. It is virtually fragrance-free. Very cooling and soothing to the skin. This will be my summer body moisturizer of ... read more choice! Bye bye, drugstore body lotions!
    1. 5 years ago
      I LOVE VITAMIN E BODY BUTTER !! Recently I spent a lot of time in the hospital and the air in there is so dry but this cream kept my skin moist at all times. I also take it with me down south every year and use it after spending all day in the sun and salt water and it replenishes my skin beautifully. It has a light but perfect scent. Pick one up and try it for yourself.
    2. 6 months ago
      Everything is good besides the smell
      It can be just me who does not like the smell. It gets its job done, so I gave 4 stars in overall rating
    1. 5 years ago
      Best Body Mist ever tried!!!!!
      I used up the whole bottle of this!! It was amazing! I used it when I didn't have time for a shower, and when I just needed to freshen up! Even when my shoes smelled I sprayed this on it and it actually worked! I would definitely recommend this to anybody. Works better then a perfume in my opinion
    2. 5 years ago
      This scent is so nice. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Also, its a great value, way better then the actual vanilla perfume in a glass bottle.
    1. 5 years ago
      LOVE THIS!
      Ever since I first tried this lotion 5 years ago it's become a staple. I receive more compliments on this scent than any other. I LOVE IT! and you can't go wrong with the price when compared to more expensive perfumes/lotions on the market.
    2. 5 years ago
      LOVE THIS!
      Ever since I first tried this lotion 5 years ago it's become a staple. I receive more compliments on this scent than any other. I LOVE IT! and you can't go wrong with the price when compared to more expensive perfumes/lotions on the market.
    1. 4 months ago
      The best for naturally dry skin
      I have extremely dry skin, especially during the winter months but this body butter keeps me moisturized all day. Plus the smell is fantastic. This is hands down my favourite body moisturizer and my all time favourite body shop product. Ive been using it for years and the quality has remained the same, unlike some of their other products.
    2. 9 months ago
      It's tempting to eat this body butter, it seriously smells sweet, but not like the fruity butters. I was hesitant to try this, because I spent my childhood in a coastal city, where coconuts were a part of daily diet/cuisine and tender coconut a refreshing drink all year long. This body butter has made my skin come alive. It's softer than ever before. I wish they had some coconut moisturiser for the face too. I apply it after every shower and I look forward to my showers because I can treat ... read more myself to this delicacy after.
    1. 4 years ago
      I finally got around to trying the shea shower cream after getting it in a shea gift set. I love it. Lathers up really well, and leaves me feeling really refreshed in the morning. However; the only downside for me? I wish the bottle was bigger for the price you pay.... Wish they made a jumbo of the shea shower cream!
    2. 7 months ago
      Top of the line product
      I absolutely love this shower cream and I usually buy as much as I can at once. It is very moisturizing and lathers well too. The scent is so nice, not too overpowering. If it were available in a jumbo size, I would definitely buy it. I recommend this amazing product to anyone who needs moisture on their skin while in the shower. By the way, I have tried most of TBS' shower gels and I always come back to buying this one in large quantities.
    1. 1 year ago
      Amazing smell!
      This is absolutely one of my favorite smells ever, and it will linger on me and my clothes for a decent amount of time. The body butter qualities are also good, of course - it will definitely keep your skin moisturized and has a nice, buttery consistency. It has a thicker consistency than a lotion and doesn't absorb as well or quickly - but that's what I like about it, though, as I feel like it moisturizes my skin better and it makes the wonderful smell stay on longer. One of my all-time ... read more favorite products from the Body Shop!
    2. 2 years ago
      Smells Delishous
      Yummy! A little light for my very dry winter skin, but the smell is so intoxicating. It's one of those that puts you in a good mood all day long. Plus, my kitty cat thinks it smells nice too. :) I use this twice a day. I used to use pure cococut oil as body lotion, so this is a smell that I am comfy with and brings me memories of university. +
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