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Meet the
power duo

Want smooth & healthy skin? Meet our top-rated Drops of Youth™ Youth Concentrate and Drops of Youth™ Youth Cream. By integrating these two best-sellers into your daily skin care routine, your pores will be minimized and tightened, skin will feel bouncier and fine lines and wrinkles will be smoothed.

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Take the

And see results in 28 days or
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  • Pores will look tightened*
  • Skin will feel bouncier*
  • Fine lines will appear smoothed*
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Helpful skin care tips

Try integrating these helpful skin care tips into your daily skin care routine to visibly improve your skin.

Exfoliate your skin

With our new youth liquid peel

For best results, gently massage our Youth Liquid Peel onto dry skin, using slight pressure and a circular motion to help slough off dead skin. Your skin will feel fresh and smooth.

Avoid rubbing your eyes

We all rub our eyes sometimes, but did you know that it could be damaging to your healthy skin? Your eyelids are paper thin, and rubbing them excessively can cause lines, creases and even infection.

Prepare & activate your skin

With our youth essence-lotion

Designed to be applied after your cleanser to give your serum and moisturiser a kick-start, our Youth Essence‑Lotion is a great addition to your daily skin care routine. For best results, wait 5 to 10 minutes before applying our Youth Concentrate and Youth Cream.

Enjoy a cup of green tea while you wait

Green tea is one of the least processed types of tea, which means it contains much higher levels of antioxidants and polyphenols than normal tea. Why not enjoy a cup by yourself, while you wait for our Youth Essence‑Lotion to absorb into skin?

Hydrate and feel great

Not in the mood for a warm cup of tea? Everyone knows that nourishing your body with water leads to happy, healthy skin, but drinking eight glasses a day can be tough. Try snacking on fruits and vegetables as an alternative! Cucumbers, watermelon and strawberries are all high in water and can help with your daily water-intake. Yum!

Treat your skin

With our youth concentrate

Our best-selling serum is not sticky and is quickly absorbed to help make your skin appear smoother, fresher and more supple. With 1 sold every 23 seconds!**, this advanced serum can be incorporated into any daytime or night time skin care routine.

Moisturise your skin

With our youth cream

Lightly air-whipped, our refreshing facial cream leaves your skin feeling smoother, nourished and moisturised for 24 hours. For best results, apply a pea-size amount after using our Youth Concentrate.

Refresh your eyes

With our youth eye concentrate

See light through younger-looking eyes with our Youth Eye Concentrate. This award‑winning product instantly refreshes your eye contour and smoothes out the appearance of lines, dark circles and fatigue.

Replenish your skin overnight

With our youth bouncy sleeping mask

Our best-selling cream-gel nighttime face mask moisturizes and rejuvenates your skin overnight. For best results, wait 15 minutes before going to bed. Then make sure to get your beauty rest and get ready to wake up to skin that feels beautifully fresh and revitalized.

* Results from Drops of Youth™ Youth Cream self-assessments on 168 women after 28 days.
** Based on global sales of 30ml and 50ml concentrate from 28/10/2014 – 26/09/2015 and selling period of 12 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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