Benefits of Moroccan Argan OilFor Hair and Skin

Looking  to treat frizzy, dull hair or moisturize skin? Softening argan oil has been part of the traditional Moroccan hammam body care ritual for centuries, thanks to its ability to bring hydration and radiance to hair and skin.
Discover the benefits of argan oil for hair and skin and how you can integrate our Wild Argan Oil collection into your daily routine.

What is
Argan Oil?

Argan oil is often used as a treat for hair and skin thanks to its nourishing combination of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals1. When used to treat and condition hair (including split ends!), your luscious locks will feel healthier and look more shiny. When used to treat skin, you will notice it’s easily absorbed and lightweight, leaving skin feeling moisturized and radiant.

Our Wild Argan Oil collection contains Community Trade argan oil, sourced in the southwest region of Morocco, the only natural habitat of the argan tree2.

We extract the purest oil by carefully pressing the best argan nuts, hand-cracked by local Berber women. The oil is then slowly filtered from the kernels over 48 hours.

Uses of Argan Oil

There are several argan oil uses to help you show off your inner radiance and beauty from head to toe.

Recently argan oil has been celebrated for its ability to add instant gloss to hair, but the luxurious, fast-absorbing oil also offers plenty of benefits for your skin, face, hands and lips.

For instance, our Wild Argan Oil for Body & Hair is a luxurious dry oil that can be used to hydrate your hair or add a radiant finish to your body.

To cleanse, one can complement the experience with our soap-free, lather-rich Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel.

To help keep your body soft and smooth, our Wild Argan Oil Body Butter, a rich body moisturiser, offers up to 24-hour hydration.

Finally, you don’t want to forget about your hands and lips! Add a little of our non-greasy Wild Argan Oil Hand Cream to your hands and cuticles before finishing off with our Wild Argan Oil Solid Oil for Lips to keep your lips feeling soft and smooth.

How To Create The

Hammam Experience

In 5 Easy Steps

Recreating the hammam experience at home is easy with our Wild Argan Oil collection.
Also known as a cleansing ritual, this spa-like treatment will leave your mind, body and soul feeling well-pampered in the comfort of your own home.

Shower Gel
Shower Gel

Clease With Warm Water

Consider drawing up a bath with our Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath or work up a rich lather in the shower with our soap-free Jumbo Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel to remove away any dirt and sweat.


Exfoliate To Soften Skin

Then, smooth and refine your skin with our Wild Argan Oil Exfoliating Rough Scrub to reveal more radiant-looking skin.



Rinse with cold water to boost circulation and release stress and tension.3

Body Butter


Continue by locking in moisture with our nourishing Jumbo Wild Argan Oil Body Butter, perfect for all skin types – including very dry skin.

Body Butter
Dry Oil
Dry Oil

The Finishing Touch

Spritz on radiance with our luxuriously rich dry oil for that extra glow and shine.

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